Pneus para Commercial Specialty Vehicles

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DLG Test winner

Agricultural Tires

and Technology

Tire Technologies

Every farmer has something that makes him special. With our new technologies, Continental tires are unique too. At our high-tech plant in Lousado, we’re developing new tires and technologies.

Tractor Tires

VF TractorMaster Hybrid

Foto do Pneu VF TractorMaster Hybrid | Continental

Pneu agrícola. Busca menor compactação do solo e ao mesmo tempo o máximo de conforto e longa vida útil em qualquer estrutura de solo. Saiba mais!

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VF TractorMaster

Continental VF TractorMaster 710/70R42

The VF TractorMaster enables an easy transition from road to field, loaded or unloaded, without having to adjust the pressure in between.

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Continental TractorMaster 600/65R38

The DLG Test winner in the premium class. The tire performs strongly in traction, fuel consumption and ground coverage.

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Continental Tractor70 580/70 R38

Maximum traction, minimum soil compaction

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Continental Tractor85 520/85 R38

The all-rounder that fits every job

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Harvester Tires


Continental CombineMaster 800/65 R32

Front wheel tire for harvesters. Hexa bead maximizes traction and ensures a comfortable ride

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VF CombineMaster

Continental CombineMaster 800/65 R32

The steer axle tire for your harvester. Combine harvesters can carry greater loads at road speeds but are also equipped for cyclic loading on the field.

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In view of the growing world population and the increasing need for agricultural crops, the number of large-scale operations and therefore the demand for efficient agricultural tires is increasing. This is where we have many years of experience as a premium manufacturer.

Benjamin Hübner, Product Line Manager Agricultural Tires at Continental

With Heart & Soil

Bringing home the harvest together. With tires you can trust. We share the farmer’s passion for soil because our tires touch it all day, every day. 

MPT Tires


Continental MPT81 315/55 R16

Powerful drive

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Continental MPT80 14.5R20

The On- and Off- Road Tire

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Continental 70E 335/80 R20

Traction, when others will not work.

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