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Agricultural Tires and Technology

VF Technology - Very high Flexion
VF Technology

Flexibility and robustness – qualities shared by farmers

Agricultural tires have to master a variety of challenges, including switching from the road to the field with varying loads and at different speeds. Tires with VF technology (very high flexion) are robust, durable all-rounders that remain drivable at low air pressure. They can carry greater loads with less soil compaction due to a larger contact surface area. The materials and construction of VF tires strike a perfect balance between flexibility and robustness.

VF tires can carry 40 percent more load than standard tires at the same air pressure or can carry the same load at 40 percent lower pressure. For example, the tires can be used at 0.8 bar with maximum load on the road and field alike – with less soil compaction and no inconvenient tire pressure adjustments in between. 

VF technology is available with our superior tire line (VF TractorMaster, VF TractorMaster Hybrid and VF CombineMaster).

VF Technology - Overview
  • Carries the same load as standard tires at 40 percent less inflation pressure, or 40 percent more load at the same pressure
  • Optimized bead geometry improves the tires’ deflection and reduces the compression of the sidewall rubber
  • Widend belt and shoulder area ensures improved load distribution and thus greater durability
  • N.flex technology unfurls its full potential in VF tires
Lug Technology - d.fine

Our new lugs refuse to give way: they firmly grip the ground beneath the tire to keep driving the tractor forward without slipping. The larger surface area enhances the mileage and further special touches make high performance and extremely robust tires adapted to each specific application. d.fine is available with our superior (VF TractorMaster & VF CombineMaster) and advanced tire lines TractorMaster and CombineMaster.

d.fine Technology - Overview
  • Deep overlap of lugs ensure a comfortable ride and less vibrations on the road
  • 5% more lug surface ensure a high traction in the field and better mileage on the road
  • Sturdy blocks ehance the stability and strength in the field and minimize cracks
  • Smooth linkage between block and base enhance the stress and damage resistance and ensure a good self-cleaning capability and therefore traction
d.fine - Mileage
  • 5% larger lug surface than standard tires lead to a higher mileage
Bead Technology

The bead is essential to a tire, because it’s what keeps it on the rim. Made of a single piece of wire, our beads are sturdy, compact, and keep their shape.

  • Bead core made of a single piece of steel for better bead endurance and better mountability
  • Short medium-rubber apex for greater bead endurance and high deflection performance of the sidewall
Rectangular Bead Design
  • Used on our Standard (Tractor85 and Tractor70) and Advanced (TractorMaster and rear CombineMaster) Agriculture tires.
  • Bead core made of a single piece of steel for better bead endurance and better mountability
  • ​Short medium-rubber apex for greater bead endurance and high deflection performance of the sidewall
Hexa Bead Design
  • Hexa bead technology is developed especially for the front wheels of combine harvesters
  • No slippage on rim due to strong and compact bead core which ensures high torque from rim to tire
  • Bead core made of a single piece of steel for better bead endurance and better mountability
Carcass technology – N.flex

The carcass‘ patent-pending material is flexible enough to absorb impact and then returning to its original shape without permanent deformation. Thus ensures long-term robustness and rounder tires for a comfortable ride. Vastly reduced flat spots means an end to bumpy drives in the morning.

  • High impact resistance due to high elongation of nylon
  • ​High robustness: carcass structure absorbs impact energy without breaking

VF TractorMaster Hybrid

Foto do Pneu VF TractorMaster Hybrid | Continental

Pneu agrícola. Busca menor compactação do solo e ao mesmo tempo o máximo de conforto e longa vida útil em qualquer estrutura de solo. Saiba mais!

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VF TractorMaster

Foto Pneu Agrícola Continental VF TractorMaster

O pneu VF TractorMaster facilita a transição de estrada para o campo sem necessitar de ajustes de pressão

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VF CombineMaster

Continental CombineMaster 800/65 R32

The steer axle tire for your harvester. Combine harvesters can carry greater loads at road speeds but are also equipped for cyclic loading on the field.

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Foto do pneu Agrícola Continental TractorMaster - Visão Diagonal

Vencedor no teste da DGL na categoria premium, com destaque para tração, baixo consumo de combustível e maior cobertura de área no solo.

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Continental CombineMaster 800/65 R32

Front wheel tire for harvesters. Hexa bead maximizes traction and ensures a comfortable ride

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Continental Tractor70 (foto pneu na visão diagonal)

Máxima tração e mínima compactação do solo

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Continental Tractor85 520/85 R38

Pneu agrícola forte e robusto, para diferentes culturas e terrenos. Carcaça com maior vida útil, absorvendo imperfeições e impactos

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